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Wellness for Your Furry Friends

Our staff at Mission Mobile Vet Services is filled with passionate animal lovers who are here to help you and your animals! We can offer a full suite of services for your dog and cat family members from routine preventative care to minor injuries and illnesses as well as end of life care.

Our Dog & Cat Services

Preventative Care

Our preventative care includes:

  • Microchipping
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm testing and prevention
  • Annual blood work
  • Nutritional consultation
Vet microchipping a cat
Veterinarian doing lab work for a dog with a bandage
Lab Work

Our lab work includes:

  • Annual chemistry/CBC
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal
  • Heartworm test
  • Electrolyte assessment
  • Pre-anesthetic screening
  • Radiology
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Behavioral Consultation

Our pets can exhibit numerous behaviors that may be normal, but that can be undesirable for us. Many of these behaviors can be modified by using a combination of reward-based training and/or management adjustments.

Veterinarian examining a dogs skin
Dermatological Exam

The skin is a very important organ to the body-it is the biggest and strongest barrier to many types of infections and helps protect our pets from the day-to-day insults of living in Texas. When problems with the skin arise, they can become very uncomfortable and painful. Conditions that we can help manage/treat: allergic dermatitis, hotspots, ear infections, external parasitism.

End-of-Life Care

The hardest part of loving a pet is having to say goodbye. For so many of us, pets are more than animals who live in our homes—they’re family. Deciding how to handle a beloved cat or dog’s final life stage—their last hours, days, weeks, or months—can be extremely challenging. MMVS strives to maximize patient comfort and minimize suffering while providing a collaborative and supportive partnership between our vets and pet owners. We can offer not only in-home euthanasia but also palliative care options.

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Dog after surgery

Offering surgical services for animals is a critical aspect of veterinary care, ensuring the health and well-being of our furry companions. Surgery can be a vital means of addressing injuries, alleviating pain, and enhancing the quality of life for animals, making it an essential component of comprehensive veterinary care. These procedures encompass a wide range, from routine spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries like tumor removals and orthopedic interventions. MMVS can offer many of these procedures including spays, neuters, mass removals, dental cleanings and other elective surgeries.

Mission Mobile is No Longer Accepting New Clients

Mission Mobile is no longer accepting new clients at this time. Existing clients may contact us through our Request an Appointment or Contact forms or by calling us at (512) 917-9663.

Minor Illness & Injury

Delivering veterinary care for minor illnesses and injuries is a fundamental part of ensuring the overall health and happiness of our beloved pets. Minor ailments such as ear infections, skin irritations, upset stomachs, or minor wounds can cause discomfort and distress to our animal companions.  Whether it's administering medication, offering wound care, or providing dietary advice, the focus is on restoring the pet's well-being and preventing minor problems from developing into more significant health issues. Caring for these minor concerns not only promotes the physical health of our pets but also strengthens the bond between humans and their animal companions, fostering trust and ensuring a higher quality of life for all. If you feel like your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please contact a 24-hour care facility such as: CTVSEH, AVES, Pet Specialists of Austin, VEG

Vet examining a cat's eye

Discover the power of early detection through specialized tests and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technologies. From bloodwork that reveals hidden health indicators to imaging techniques like X-rays and ultrasounds that provide a glimpse into their internal world, we prioritize proactive measures for your furry companions. Whether it's routine screenings for common conditions or more in-depth diagnostics for specific concerns, our resources empower you to make informed decisions about your pets' health. Because when it comes to their well-being, a clearer picture means a brighter, healthier future.

Holistic Medicine and Pain Relief

Step into a realm of holistic healing for your cherished companions. Our exploration of alternative pain management therapies invites you to consider a new dimension of well-being for your cats and dogs. Dive into the gentle art of acupuncture, where tiny needles unlock a flow of healing energy, providing relief that goes beyond the surface. Experience the power of laser therapy, where light becomes a soothing force, promoting tissue repair and reducing discomfort. Immerse yourself in the world of soundwave therapy, where vibrations create a symphony of relief for your furry friends. These alternative therapies offer a harmonious approach to pain management, complementing traditional methods for a more comprehensive care experience. Join us on a journey where ancient practices and modern technology converge to ensure your pets live their happiest, healthiest lives. Because in the language of well-being, sometimes the whispers of alternative therapies speak the loudest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients initially thought that a mobile vet clinic would be an expensive option. But in reality, Mission Mobile Vet is often comparable in price to a typical brick and mortar veterinary clinic.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Five stars

This exceptional duo (Dr. Rachael and Alex) was heaven sent! I will be using them for all my future vet services needs. They were so great with my silly girl and both she and I avoided our usual stress of me trying to get her in her pet taxi.

Five stars

I had surgery so to take Rudy to a vet was impossible! Mission Mobile is my lifesaver today! His ear infection is already on the mend!

Five stars

 You guys are amazing! We appreciate your patience and care with our cats. Thank you!

Five stars

Appreciated their cool, calm and collected demeanor which put me at ease. I had no idea what to expect. Very happy how everything worked out and to now have Mission Mobile Vets on tap to help us out.

Five stars

Thank you to both Dr Green and Alec Green for spending the time with me and my boys. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the evaluation. Overall, it was an absolute pleasant and professional visit. Thank you!