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Your Partner in Equine Wellness

We understand the profound connection between you and your equine companion. Our dedicated team of experienced veterinarians is here to nurture that bond by providing the highest quality care for your horse. Whether it's routine check-ups, preventive care, or specialized treatments, we approach every visit with compassion and expertise. Your horse, donkey, or other equine animal’s well-being is our priority.

Preventative Care

Routine examinations for your pets are the best way to promote overall health. It is always good to have a baseline, just in case your pets ever get sick.

Vets examining a horse
Veterinarian vaccinating a horse

Vaccinations can prevent a variety of diseases. We always look at the location where your horse lives before deciding whether or not there is a risk of the disease.

Horse eating from a bowl
Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is so important for horses throughout their lives. As horses age, their nutritional needs change.

Veterinarian filling out a horses health papers
Coggins & Health Papers

We offer Coggins testing and provide other essential health papers that provide detailed records of a horse's medical history, vaccinations, and overall well-being.

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We are proud to offer intestinal deworming. With a simple stool sample, we are able to screen for parasites so that we can deworm patients with the best dewormer.

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Endocrine Evaluation

We offer diagnosis and treatment for metabolic diseases-delving into the realms of Equine Metabolic Syndrome and PPID , better known as Cushing’s Disease. At our clinic, we’re not just keeping pace, we’re riding the wave of cutting-edge advancements in both diagnosis and treatment.

Vet examining a horse's leg
Lameness Evaluation

If your horse is lame for any reason, our entire team is dedicated to finding out the reason and helping your horse get back to normal.

Routine & Advanced Dentistry

We focus on all aspects of preventative and advanced dentistry for your horses from routine floating to complicated tooth extractions.

Veterinarian examining a horse's teeth
We offer pre-purchase evaluations that cover every aspect of your potential horse’s health and will provide you with detailed insights to make informed decisions for a lasting partnership.

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Xray of a horse hoof
Digital Radiography

The use of digital radiography can help us diagnose underlying abnormalities contributing to lameness and help define future treatment.

Vet with a donkey
Emergency Services
  • Colic examination
  • Choke
  • Wound evaluation
  • Eye injury/illness
Horse getting acupuncture treatment
Alternative Therapies
  • Acupuncture
  • Cold Laser
  • Shockwave Therapy
Horse with stitches
  • Castration
  • Mass removals
  • Eye enucleations
  • Laceration repairs
Vet performing an upper airway endoscopy on a horse
Upper Airway Endoscopy

Using video endoscopic technology, we are able to evaluate the health and function of the upper respiratory tract in order to diagnose problems and optimize your horse’s performance and well-being.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Five stars

This exceptional duo (Dr. Rachael and Alex) was heaven sent! I will be using them for all my future vet services needs. They were so great with my silly girl and both she and I avoided our usual stress of me trying to get her in her pet taxi.

Five stars

I had surgery so to take Rudy to a vet was impossible! Mission Mobile is my lifesaver today! His ear infection is already on the mend!

Five stars

 You guys are amazing! We appreciate your patience and care with our cats. Thank you!

Five stars

Appreciated their cool, calm and collected demeanor which put me at ease. I had no idea what to expect. Very happy how everything worked out and to now have Mission Mobile Vets on tap to help us out.

Five stars

Thank you to both Dr Green and Alec Green for spending the time with me and my boys. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the evaluation. Overall, it was an absolute pleasant and professional visit. Thank you!